Anhui Jiuhua & Huayuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Hong Kong Jiuhua & Huayuan Group Chuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (founded in December 2004), which was officially changed to its current name in January 2017 due to its business development after reviewed and approved by Anhui Administration of Industry and Commerce. 


The company is a pharmaceutical and also a national high-tech enterprise, which is mainly involved in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and integrating the functions of R&D (Research and Development), production, and sales. After many years development, it has initially formed a development platform known for its high technology, full range of products, and especially for new products and new dosage. It has gradually formed its own product series in the fields of anti-infection, respiration, otorhinolaryngology, cardiovascular and endovascular, endocrine and other departments. Currently, there are more than 20 products being researched and a product scale of 76 registered products. Its sales network covering nearly 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and more than 5,000 level-2 and level-3 hospitals in China.


The flagship products of company are Bairui Preparations (Bairui Tablet, Bairui Capsule, and Bairui Granules) and the Zhenyuan Tablet. Among them, Bairui Granules is a national exclusive product and listed in the National Basic Medical Insurance, Work Injury Insurance and Maternity drugs catalogue (2017). While the Zhenyuan Tablet is a national medical insurance product, the Bairui Capsule and Tablet are medical insurance products of many provinces such as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, and Hainan.  


The Bairui products are extracted from Thesium chinense (Natural antibiotics) by using modern Chinese medicine extraction technology. Which has the significantly influence effect of clearing heat, reducing inflammation, relieving cough and removing phlegm, and has no toxic and negatively effects. Especially, Bairui Granule (sugar-free) has become the field of anti-infection, as well as the drug of first choice for upper respiratory infection. It has been highly praised by many clinical experts and recognized by patients. It has become a star product of plant antibiotics and has won many honored.


The raw material of Zhenyuan Tablet is ginseng total saponins, which is mainly used for treating diseases such as coronary heart disease, menopausal syndrome, neurasthenia, and recessive diabetes. 


【Honors for Bairui】


 In 2007, the Bairui products were listed as “plant anti-inflection drug” in New Pharmacology, which was regarded as an authority by clinicians;


 In 2009, the Bairui Granule (sugar-free) was successfully marketed, which was filled the gap in the field of children's upper respiratory tract

infection and became the first-line medication for viral infections such as influenza and hand-foot-and-mouth disease;

In 2010, the Bairui products were listed in the “National Guide to Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Otolaryngology” by the State Administration of TCM;


In 2010, the Bairui products were listed in the “Medical Insurance Drug Catalog (2010)” in provinces of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, and Hainan;


In 2011, Bairui Tablet was listed in the “Additional Drug List of Shanghai Primary Medical Institutions;


In 2011, Hong Kong Jiuhua Huayuan Group Chuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Was listed in the “Well-known Foreign Pharmaceutical Enterprises”;


In 2011, Thesium chinense was listed as a valuable medicine in the “Green + Genuine Medicinal Materials”of Anhui Province Government, giving priority protection and strong support from the local government;


In 2012, the scientific and technological project undertaken by our company, “The Millennium Heritage of Xin’an Medicine-Bairui Granule”, the innovative special medicine for children with upper respiratory tract infection" won the second prize of “Award of Huaxia Science and Technology” of the National Medical Promotion Association;


In 2012, Bairui Granule (Capsule) was listed in the “Tianjin Basic Medical Insurance, Work Injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance Drug List (2012)”;


 In 2013, Bairui products were nominated for the top ten drugs for ENT departments in Chinese hospitals;


 In 2014, Bairui Granule became a large variety of traditional Chinese medicine, and entered the top drugs for clearing internal heat and detoxifying;


In 2015, Bairui Granule (Tablet) was listed in the “Infectious Diseases of Clinical Application Guidelines for Chinese Medicines”;


 In 2016, the brand of “Baimeixing” was recognized as the famous trademark of Anhui province;


 In 2017, Bairui Granule was listed in the “National Basic Medical Insurance, Work Injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance Drug List (2017)”.


The company adheres to the concept of “stable and loyal, innovative mileage”, carries forward the culture of Huizhou medicine with a history of thousands of years, and combines the millennial inheritance of Xin’an Medicine with modern pharmaceutical technology to continuously develop and introduce the frontier of pharmacy.


Continuously research and develop new products that are at the forefront of pharmacy, and adhere to the professional academic promotion path. It is committed to become a leading enterprise in the field of pediatric, otolaryngology, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurology and other specialized subdivisions in the life sciences, striving for the cause of human health!  

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